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Get the Peace of Mind that Comes From Accurate, Timely Tax Reporting…and Every Deduction You Deserve

For individuals, corporations, trusts, and estates that are seeking effective strategies to keep more of what they earned. We prepare all types of tax returns including gifts, estates, non-profits, and foundations.

Our CPAs keep up with constantly changing tax law to make sure clients take full advantage on their taxes and save time in their record keeping and reporting.

Your Information and Record Keeping

We prepare your personal income and business tax returns based on your data. The IRS suggests that organized records not only make it easier to prepare your tax return but also to provide answers if your return is selected for examination or to prepare a response if you receive an IRS notice.

To help you compile your records for your personal return, we’ve created a tax information compiler and organizer. Just give us a call or an email and we’ll get it right to you.

For businesses, we can help you set up your accounting system to make for easier reporting at the end of your tax year. Also, ask us about our accounting systems training. We’ll get your staff up to speed on your business accounting software so that financial statements are much more manageable at tax time.

Electronic Filing

We suggest electronic filing, especially if you’re to receive a refund. The IRS generates refunds from electronically filed returns in only 3 weeks, even faster if you have the refund deposited directly into your checking or savings account.

Electronic filing from our office is easy. We’ll have you sign the appropriate permission forms when you pick up your return from our office.

Important Dates – Check the sidebar for upcoming tax due dates!

Scheduling with Us

Call for an appointment at your earliest convenience during tax season. We work 6 days a week from January 02 thru April 15. Call Monday thru Saturday:  315.697.2345 in Canastota or 315.735.0705 in Utica.