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GAAS Audits for Business, Non-Profits and Municipalities by Experienced CPAs

If you need a professional examination of your financial records, we can help. You may need an audit for tax authorities, banks, for a grant application or grant renewal, or for your own use. We’ll audit your financial statements to provide reasonable assurance that they give a true and fair view in accordance with accepted accouting standards.

When you call us for an audit, the first thing we’ll look at is the level of service you require. There are many different types of audits. We make sure we provide you the right service at the right price.

After we determine the level of service, our expert audit department will consider your financial statements, tangible assets, and business records such as purchase orders and contracts, and statements from banks, customers, and suppliers.

Give us a call at 315.697.2345 in Canastota or 315.735.0705 in Utica to find out more.