About Us

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James T. Gustafson, CPA, started our practice in 1977 on a part-time basis with a few good clients. Since then, we’ve become a leading firm with our partners bringing their experience as former members of leading international accounting firms to the Central New York region.

We’ve grown because we take the time to listen to our clients, anticipate their problems, and develop effective solutions. It’s that simple.

You will discover that we are more than an accounting firm. We are counselors on a wide range of financial and management issues. Our advice leads to better decision making for you and more confidence in your own success.

We’re Partners Helping You Improve Performance and Grow Your Business

We also recognize that mutual success is the result of a team effort. Your commitment to keeping us informed about your business or personal financial matters allows us to give you the advice you expect and deserve.

In fact, we have built our firm on the principle of collaboration. Our partners and team professionals are ready to roll up their sleeves to work together to solve your problems and create new opportunities for you and your business

We’ll look for ways to improve your operations and suggest new business strategies—as if we were partners in your business. Our philosophy is to ask ourselves what we would do if we were in your place.

That’s because, in the long run, your success is our success.

Exploring Beyond the Numbers

As your primary business adviser, your accountant can perform many functions for you: prepare your tax return… audit your financial statements… alert you to potential problems… help you plan your financial future…save you money.

But a good accountant offers you more. A good accountant is also a sounding board, a consultant, a forecaster, and a friend. We care about you and we care about your business.

As your business grows and develops new challenges, you can count on us. We are here to help you run your operation more effectively and profitably.

Our personalized service—backed by years of experience and education—ensures that all of your business and personal accounting is managed in a timely manner accurately and efficiently. And your decision to choose us is never taken for granted.

We appreciate your business—always.