Estate Planning & Administration

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Financial Planning for You and the People You Care About

When it comes to your estate and retirement nest egg, it’s a nice feeling to know you’ve done everything you can to plan for tax savings, a comfortable income, and final distribution to the people you care about.

In tandem with your attorney, investment advisors, and insurance brokers, we’ll work with you to identify and clarify your goals while reviewing your assets, liquidity, and legal documents. These documents might include existing wills, trusts, insurance policies, and retirement plans.

From what we learn about you and your financial situation, we’ll develop and evaluate different strategies that best fit your goals. And, our clients often look to us to coordinate with their attorneys to draft documents, transfer or re-title assets, and set up gifting programs.

With your attorney, we’ll also help you plan for an equitable transfer of assets after death. If you wish, we can act as trustee or executor of your estate or trust. We’ll make sure tax returns are filed on time and assets are distributed according to your wishes.

Or we’ll advise you as to the selection of executors, guardians, trustees, and other fiduciaries that should be appointed during the planning process.

As always, we’ll be there to monitor the plan. Your lifestyle may change, new laws may be enacted that affect your estate, and new opportunities may present themselves. You can call on us for advice on how to take advantage and adjust your plan accordingly.

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